PPH "WELNA" Koziołek s. j. was established in 1994

We manufacture fur-like knitted fabrics from natural sheep wool on the basis of 100% polyester yarn or 100% cotton yarn as monochromatic of Jacquard knitted fabrics.

For the purposes of our production, we use the wool originating from:

We keep the stock of wool for all kinds of knitted fabrics. Owing to this, we provide our customers with permanent reproducibility of quality and functional characteristics of the knitted fabrics. We manufacture patterns delivered by individual customers.
Our napped knitted fabrics contain 100% natural wool fiber, which guarantees that they meet the requirements for "Woolmark" products.

Appropriate selection of yarn thickness and the quantity of environmentally-friendly glue in course of production and setting of the products provides the knitted fabrics with soft and mild touch, however, their rigidity may be changed according to the expectations of the customer.

Our knitted fabrics may be used for production of:

Services-wool combing, production of "Broken-Tops"

Apart from our production of knitted fabrics, we offer services of scoured wool combing, and process it into the form of "Broken-Tops".

Our company leave no stone unturned in order to provide high quality of products and timely realization of orders.

We cooperate with companies from Poland and from the European Union.