Production Process

Raw Material

We possess stocks of wool of various types used in production of knitted fabrics.

Raw Material Preparation

Manual sorting of wool

Wool combing

Wool carding – production of woolen tape

Production of Knitted Fabrics

Monochromatic                                                        Jacquard


Shearing aims at providing the customer with even height of fiber as per the order.

Raw knitted fabric

Sheared knitted fabric

Pattern shearing

Slashing and Setting

Slashing maintains the fibers in the napping and provides the knitted fabric with the required width and rigidity.

Additional finishing of knitted fabrics:

Quality Control

Quality is controlled in each phase of production.

Conditioning of Knitted Fabrics

Rolling the knitted fabrics in bales of the length ordered by the customer.

Each bale is marked and packed in foil for protection from dirt.